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Our Sales and Tech Support teams are backed with over 30 years experience in the telecommunication industry, 11 years in vertical markets development for line sharing, and over 40 years of customer service.


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Line Share Devices is the telecom leader in the design and distribution of line sharing devices which allow industry standard telephone (IST) devices such as voice, fax, ATM, point-of-sale/point-of-sale-activation terminals, modems, and modem-equipped devices like automated meter readers or alarm and temperature control systems to share single-to-many telephone lines.

With at least 300,000 units deployed our switches are in use in almost every c-store, pharmacy, grocery, professional office, government institution, building management facility, power generation facility, and other large retail chain store in North America .

Our switches are designed with our customers in mind. They are simple and easy to use, expandable, “bullet-proofed” and programmable to address our customers' unique and changing needs.

Our switches are engineered with a principal intent: that of providing value-added spending by simply eliminating telephone lines that are seldom or rarely used.

While new opportunities are being explored in emerging technologies, our main thrust at Line Share Devices is developing new applications for line sharing. We believe analog line sharing is a pervasive technology and while businesses are experiencing market growth, but increased operational cost and profit shrinkage, there will always be markets for our products that provide value-added spending.


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